Incidents & Dispatch finally fills the gap between terrain response and your support team.
We bring together communications, tracking and AI to accelerate teamwork and enhance customer service.
Incidents Management Types & Features
Incident localization, with / without GPS
First Aid Status: ABCDE, Sample, OPQRST
Stable/Unstable classification
Incident prioritization
Assigned responders
Assigned equipment
Vital signs tracking
Type of warning (Dangerous behaviour, out of bounf skiing etc)
Customer's Name and pass number tracking
Notes and witnesses
Assigned responder
Person lost (kids)
Name of the person, last seen, where by
Person's description
Automated push to all team members with the name, description and instructions to report sighting.
Accident Invertigations Report
Multiple documents support archive (spreadsheets, text, images)
Notes and witnesses
Personal notes (not shared)
Special administrative lock.
Transport Request
Name of the person and location
Reason for the request
Person's description
Assigned responders
Live team tracking (if GPS enabled)
Urgent repairs
Type of repairs (Defined by configuration)
Material required
Assignment and tracking
Dispatch Features
Interactive Live Map usign Google Map
Live Map Team View
On going incidents
Today's incidents (Open & Closed)
Team members available and contact info
Equipment available / in-use
Trails status
Lifts status (if applicable)